Best Outdoor Trash Cans

Brief Review of the best outdoor trash cans

Given below are my top picks;

Bottom Line Pros Cons
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A trendy trash can with abundant capacity. You won’t find a better trash can at this price! Great design; It is easy to assemble, and holds up well outside due to the resin material. The insides of this trash can is not so smooth so if you carelessly pull out the garbage bag it may rip.
Safco 38 Gallon
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A good heavy-duty garbage can for outdoors, especially suited for shops and offices. It looks great in commercial buildings and it is built from strong material that does not wear and tear easily. Equipped with a modern design, this trash can looks great outdoors. It is a bit expensive
Rubbermaid 50 Gallon
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A big trash can with sturdy wheels. It provides a lot of capacity; however the plastic material makes is less durable than other options at the same price. Abundant capacity to store large amounts of trash. Great for recycling. The plastic is not much durable, and the handles may come off if the trash can is not handled carefully.
Safco 30-Gallon
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A Light weight and sturdy trash can that fits together easily and holds large amounts of trash. It looks great and it holds around 30 gallon of trash with ease. It is lightweight so it can be toppled over easily by pest or heavy winds.
Keter Copenhagen 30-Gallon
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An attractive and practical wooden trash can that’s both sturdy and roomy. The trash can is built with sturdy, durable wood that looks great outdoors. It holds up to 30 gallons of crash. The handles of the trash can must be assembled manually. The garbage bags don’t lock into the bin.
Simple Human 30 Gallon
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A big beautiful trash can that is both sturdy and stylish. It has a clean look that really lifts up the room. It is lid less, but the domed top prevents trash from bulging out of the can. It is huge which makes it great for people who don’t like to take out the trash daily. It has a beautiful design. It may rust easily if it is left out in the rain; if it is not cleaned out often it may generate a bad odor.

Outdoor trash cans play an important role in keeping public and private outdoor places clean and tidy. They are also used outside houses to store the kitchen waste till garbage houlers arrive. They are also used in commercial spaces to keep the place free of littering.

A good trash can makes garbage management easy by containing household/public/office trash properly and preventing bad odors. However, choosing the right trash can becomes a daunting task due to the wide variety of choices available on the market.

In this review of top outdoor garbage bins we try to make your shopping easy by helping you find the best outdoor trash can within your budget. On the table above, we’ve summarized our analysis of our top 6 picks.

Best Looking Outdoor Trash Can

“Definitely eye candy”

Factors we considered for selecting the best outdoor garbage cans

Your trash can should be a long-term investment. Pick a can that’s made of strong, recyclable material. The best outdoor trash cans are the ones that will stay with you a long time enabling you to practice efficient waste management.

Usage situation

You will need different trash cans for different usage situations. The best outdoor trash can is one that is heavy duty, durable and resistant to bears, racoons and other pests. For office and public places having non-organic waste such as papers and cigarette butts, even a lidless trash can will get the job done. For curbside collection, make sure you get a trash can that meets the guidelines of your garbage hauler.


Weight is an important consideration when it comes to selecting a garbage can. The weight needed for the garbage can depends upon your usage situation. If you want a garbage can for your office, a light-weight trash can will get the Job done since it will mainly hold paper waste. However, for a house having kids and pets, a heavier trash can is recommended so that it does not topple over easily.

The Most Popular choice

“A trendy trash can with abundant capacity.  Durable and cheap, and is the most sold garbage can in this category”


The size of the trash can is dependent upon the amount of trash generated each day. If you have a big family, you will be cooking large meals and thus more wastes will be produced accordingly. In such a case it is recommended to use a big trash can unless you want to take out the trash twice a day. In contrast, if you have a small family then a small trash can will be required.

The standard size of trash cans is 13 gallons. If you choose a trash can that is bigger or smaller than 13 gallons than you must also remember to buy non-standard garbage bags as well. In most cases, a 15 to 30-gallon trash can is used for office and public places. 30-gallon trash can is used in public places, and 48+ gallons is used for curbside collection.

Lid Type

Different designs for the lids of trash cans are available in the market. Following are some of the most popular lid types:

No Lid:

Some trash cans come without lids. These types of trash cans are usually used in office spaces or rooms where mostly dry items and paper waste materials are disposed. This type of waste is not likely to attract pests or give out a bad odor. Trash can without lids should not be used for disposing of food items as they’re bound to leave an odor.

Lift Lid

Some Trash cans come with lids that must be lifted in order to dispose wastes. These types of trash cans are alright, however, they’re not good for kitchen as you must touch these trash cans to put the waste. This makes them unhygienic for use by anyone in the kitchen. Lift Lids are good for offices and rooms where paper and other such dry items must be disposed.

Lift lids are also a good option if you have pets or toddlers at home. Get a lift lid that closes securely to prevent messy situations in case your pet gets too playful near the trash can. The best outdoor trash can is one that comes with a lid because the lid saves the trash from unwanted pest attacks.

Swing Lid

Some trash cans come with swinging lids. These trash cans keep the trash hidden from view, and it is easy to slide trash into them. Trash cans with swing lids are a good option for bathrooms and public places. Swing lids are one of the potential features of the best outdoor trash can because they’re great for sliding trash into them quickly.

Sensor Lid

Some trash cans come with sensor lids which open automatically when movement is detected near them. These types of lids require batteries to operate and are often used in high profile buildings and places.

Hands-free lid

Hands-free lids come with a foot pedal for opening and closing. These types of lids are perfect for use in kitchens where cooks may not want to touch the bins as they cook. It is also easier to open the trash can with feet while adding large amounts of garbage.

Best Outdoor trash can for Offices

“This is the best outdoor trash can for offices and commercial spaces. It got good looks and is durable “


Trash cans made out of stainless steel are expensive, but they’re also easy to clean and they prevent odor effectively. Plastic trash cans cost lesser, but they’re not as effective as stainless steel trash cans in preventing bad odors and smells from escaping because their lids are often not airtight. Moreover, they also stain easily.

Mesh bins are sleek and stylish, but they’re not good for food or liquid waste. They are best for office spaces where mainly paper and office stationary is disposed of.

The best outdoor trash cans are made of durable, long-lasting material.


Some trash cans come with built-in compartments that separate regular trash and recyclable material. They can come in handy if you’re planning to adopt a green lifestyle. This is also mandatory in many regions.

Ease of moving

For large trash cans, ease of moving should be an important consideration. Many trash cans come with wheels, dollies or rollers. Make sure the trash can you pick has sturdy wheels so it is easy to move from one place to another. The best outdoor trash can is one that can be moved easily.


The design of your trash can is an important consideration especially if you’re buying a trash can for your shop or office. Pick a design that complements the decor of the room where the trash can will be placed.

Best Wheeled Trash Can for curbside

“A big trash can with sturdy wheels and 50 gallon capacity. It can also withstand the brutality of trash collectors”

How much should you pay for a trash can?


Good trash cans don’t have to be expensive. You can even find many good outdoor trash cans starting at $40. You can find both plastic and metal ones at good rates. If you’re on a budget, prioritize utility more than aesthetics. The most popular trash cans are not expensive; people just need to get the job done right.

Mid- Range

Trash cans with advanced features like sensor lids and sturdy material can all be bought in a budget of $60 to $150. When buying trash cans with special features, be sure to ask your shopkeeper if they come with any special requirements.

Some trash cans require special garbage bags which may add to the overall price. Mid-range trash cans come with a variety of new innovations such as odor neutralization with built-in carbon filters. The best outdoor trash cans in the mid-range pricing should be heavy duty, easy to move, stylish and long-lasting.


High-end trash cans cost $150 or more. They come in exquisite material such as fingerprint free stainless steel and usually have a large capacity. These high-end trash cans must be used with special garbage bags which add to their overall costs.

High-end trash cans are often equipped with sensor lids and odor neutralizing technologies. The best outdoor trash cans in the high-end category are the ones that are designed for the commercial market. They’re stylish, big, and hold up well against bad weather and pests.

“A light-weight and sturdy trash can that fits together easily and holds large amounts of trash.”

Tips for Easy Maintenance of your outdoor trash can

Trash can Hygiene

It is important to clean your trash can frequently to avoid bad odors. Make sure you place a few extra garbage bags at the bottom of the bin to prevent any liquids from spoiling the base of the bin when you take out the waste. After you’ve taken out the trash, wash the can outdoors with a water hose. If you want to wash your trash can indoors, you can do it in the bathtub or a sink. To clean out the trash can you can clean it with an odor-resistant powder or a cleaning solution. After thoroughly cleaning out the trash can leave it to dry. Make sure the trash can has dried completely before you start using it again.

Trashcan Placement

Place your bin in a secure place. Too often people place their bins where they may easily get damaged by a vehicle moving in or out of the house. Make sure you place your bin at a place where it won’t get damaged by any moving vehicle or other mobile equipment in home or office.

Emptying Schedule

Create an emptying schedule so that the trash cans outside are emptied on time. Failure to clean out the trash can on time can result in overflowing bins which are both unhealthy and unhygienic.

Best Garbage can for home outdoors

“An attractive and practical trash can that’s both sturdy and roomy. Best for home usage.”

Common Questions by buyers

Your trash can may be too small to accommodate the garbage that is produced in your house daily. Think about getting a bigger trash can. It is also recommended that you examine your waste disposal habits. Make sure that you differentiate between recyclable materials and actual garbage. Make it a habit to store recyclable material separate from the garbage. Often a lot of our waste comes from organic food items; you can reduce your organic waste by composting and cooking in measured proportions to ensure that you generate lesser waste.

When the waste sits too long in your garbage bin it starts to smell. Take out your trash frequently. You can also minimize the bad odor by getting a trash can with a sealed lid that prevents the odor from escaping out. Avoid throwing liquids in the trash can as it can give birth to bacteria which may generate a bad smell.

Another great option to get rid of the bad odor is to get scented garbage bags.

No, check your city’s website to see what items cannot be thrown in the trash can. It is usually recommended to keep batteries and sharp objects out of the trash can. You can also ask your local authority for any special requirements for your curbside pickup.

A recycle bin is blue in color and you can only throw recyclable material in it. A trash can comes in varying colors and you can throw both organic and inorganic waste in them.

Garbage often attracts pests especially when the trash can is placed outdoors. Use a trash can with a tight lid to prevent pests from creating a mess in your patio. It is also recommended that you get a trash can that weighs heavy so that it is not easily toppled over by heavy winds or pests.

Thanks for reading our review, we hope we helped you in choosing the right outdoor trash can that matches your need. 

If you need us to mention anything else in our review or add more products here let us know in comments. Thank you!

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